Jock Itch

A jock itch is a type of fungus named Tinea cruris that lives under the skin. It is related to Athlete’s foot. The fungus likes to live in warm and moist parts of the genital area like inside theJock Itch Pictures thighs.

This rash causes skin to become red. Keep your body clean and dry in order to prevent jock itch whether it be after showers, gym or after wearing sports uniforms. Corn starch is often used as a prevention method of jock itch several times a day.

Jock itch treatment options that are available include: sprays and anti-fungal over the counter creams. Some of the other jock itch symptoms include itching in the groin, anus or skin folders, red and scaly patches with sharp edges that may blister and abnormally dark or light skin. A doctor usually diagnoses jock itch based on skin appearance therefore tests are not necesarry. However, a test like skin lesion biopsy is available if needed to confirm the diagnosis.

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