Hypophosphatemia (low phosphate level in the blood) is a phosphate concentration in the blood under 2.5 mg (milligram) per blood deciliter. Chronic hypophosphatemia happens in prolonged use of diuretics, hyperparathyroidism, poor kidney function, and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) .

Theophylline drug toxic amount may decrease body’s phosphate levels. Using¬† aluminium hydroxide antacids in a large amounts for prolonged time, may also deplete phosphate in the body, particularly in patients, who undergo kidney dialysis. Phosphate stores are also depleted in patients with severe burns, alcohol intoxication, diabetic ketoacidosis, and severe malnutrition.

As patients with such conditions recover, the phosphate concentration in blood may suddenly fall low because the person’s body uses phosphate in the large amounts. An individual with Hypophosphatemia can experience no illness.

Symptoms appear only when the phosphate concentration in the blood drops to very low levels. Usually, an individual can feel weakness of the Hypophosphatemiamuscle during this phase. Over period of time, bones may weaken, causing fractures and bone pain. Extremely low blood phosphate concentration (less than 1.5 mg per blood deciliter), may be very serious causing stupor, progressive muscle weakness, coma and may be life threatening.

The treatment of Hypophosphatemia depends on the underlying causes and severity of symptoms. An individual with no symptoms may use phosphate in a form of oral solution, but this commonly results in diarrhea. One (1) quart of skim or low fat milk provides a large phosphate amount and is usually easier to use.

Intravenous phosphate can be given in severe Hypophosphatemia cases or when phosphate may not be used orally.

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