Hypomagnesemia (low magnesium level in the blood) is a magnesium concentration in the blood under 1.6 mq (milliequivalents) per blood Hypomagnesemialiter.

Hypomagnesemia appears in disorders such as nutritional disturbances and metabolic. Hypomagnesemia’s common causes include increased excretion by the kidney and intestinal malabsorption or decreased intake associated with starvation. Hypomagnesemia also happens often in individuals with protracted diarrhea or who consume large alcohol amounts.

High thyroid hormone, antidiuretic hormone, or aldosterone levels may result in Hypomagnesemia by increasing magnesium excretion through the kidneys.  Such drugs as Cisplatin (anticancer drug), Amphotericin B (antifungal drug), and Diuretics may also result in Hypomagnesemia.

Hypomagnesemia may cause tremors, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, vomiting, and nausea, personality changes , and sleepiness. If Hypomagnesemia occurs together with hypocalcemia, the magnesium should be replaced before the calcium disorders may be cured successfully. Magnesium is replaced when the concentration of magnesium in blood is too low (lower than 1 meq per blood liter), or when the magnesium deficiency results in the symptoms. Magnesium may be used orally or by vein or muscle injections.

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