Granuloma Annulare

Granuloma Annulare is a medical chronic condition of the skin of unknown causes, where the raised, firm, small nodules (bumps) form a ring Granuloma Annularewith slightly sunken or normal skin in the center.

The raised bumps (nodes) either surround the skin or become yellowish color; an individual can have several rings or one ring. Generally, the nodules result in no itching or pain. They most frequently appear on the fingers, feet, hands, or legs on adults or children. Sometimes, in people with Granuloma Annulare, the nodules clusters are erupting. If the person’s skin is exposed to sunlight.

Most frequently, such skin condition heals without treatment. Infected corticosteroids; corticosteroid consisting tape or corticosteroid cream placed under waterproof bandages can help the rash.

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