Gender Identity Disease

Gender Identity Disease is an abnormal condition, in which desire of being the opposite sex or the belief of being  ”trapped” in the wrong sex body.

The difference between gender and sex may be simplified as following: gender is how an individual sees herself or himself, whether feminine or masculine; and sex is biologic femaleness or maleness. Role of Gender is the public, objective presentation in our culture as feminine or masculine.

Sexual Roles are the public behaviors associating with choosing a sexual partners (bisexual, heterosexual, or homosexual). For most individuals, identity of gender (the inner, private sense of being feminine or masculine) is consistent with role of gender (for instance, a male acts and feels like a man). Gender identities are commonly established in earlier childhood (approx. eighteen to twenty four months of age). A girl comes to know, she is a girl, and a boy comes to know he is boy. Even though children can prefer activity in some cases thought to be more proper for the other sex, a child who has normal gender identities still sees himself as being his own biologic sex’s member.

That meaning that a young girl who likes to play wrestle and baseball, does not have a gender identity problems if she sees herself as, and is content with being, female. Similarly, a boy who is playing with dolls and prefers cooking as opposed to sports, does not have problem of identity until he is not comfortable with being biologically male or he does not identify himself as male.

Although, the children reared as an opposite sex member, can be confused about gender; this confusion frequently clearing up in late childhood. A child born with genitals that are not clearly female or male, generally does not have problems of a gender identity, if he or she decisively reared as one sex or another, even if he or she is raised in the sex that is opposite from his or her chromosomal patterns.

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