Erithema Nodosum

Erithema Nodosum is an inflammatory condition that produces red tender bumps (nodules) under the person’s skin; most frequently, over shin, but sometimes on the arms and other body ‘s parts.

Frequently, Erythema Nodosum is not a separate disorder, but a sign of sesitivity to a drugs or some other diseases. Young adults are more likelyErithema Nodosum to have erythema nodosum, which can recur for years or months. In children, such disease is caused by a sore throat or cold. Other causes may include ulcerative colitis, leprosy, lymphogranuloma venerium, coccidioidomycosis, psittacosis, tuberculosis, and histoplasmosis.

Erythema Nodosum may also be a reaction to medications, particularly, antibiotics consisting of bromides, iodises, sulfa and oral contraceptives. Mostly, appearing on the person’s shins, the disorder resembles raised bruises, that slowly change from pink to bluish-brown color. Joints pain and fever are common; chest lymph nodes ocasionally becoming enlarged.

The telltale sign for the doctor are painful nodes. Nodule biopsy may help determine diagnosis. There is no special laboratory test for detecting the underlying causes. If Erythema Nodosum is caused by drugs, they must be discontinued. If underlying infection exist, it must be treated. If the Erythema Nodosum is resulted from streptococcal infection, an individual must take antibiotic for 1 or more years. When Erythema Nodosum is caused by the nodules, bed rest can help subside the pain.

If no drug or infection cause may be discovered, the physician can suggest taking aspirin, which may be extremely effective. Person’s nodule can be treated by injecting it with a corticosteroids; if an individuals have many nodules, corticosteroids in form of a tablet sometimes are needed.

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