DiGeorge Anomaly

DiGeorge Anomaly occurs, because of the development of an abnormal fetus. Such a disorder commonly is not hereditary and may happen in both girls and boys. Children born with DiGeorge AnomalyDiGeorge Anomaly do not have an essential gland, called a thymus gland, for normal t-lymphocytes development. Without t-lympholyte, the child can not fight off the infection very well.

Repeated infections start soon after birth and the immune system impairment degree varies significantly. In some cases, the abnormality is only partial, and function of t-lymphocyte functions improves on their own. A child who has DiGeorge Anomaly, usually has wide-spaced eyes, heart disorders, small receding jawbone, and low set ears. Because parathyroid glands are missing, the child frequently progresses seizures soon after birth and his calcium levels in blood are low. Those who have severe immunodeficiency, transplantation of bone marrow can be helpful. Transplanting newborn thymus gland from the miscarried or aborted fetus, or a fetal into a child, can also help.

In some cases, the heart problems are worse than the immunologic problems and may need operation to prevent heart failure. Treatment of DiGeorge Anomaly also consists of correcting low calcium levels.


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