Cytomegalovirus infection is a viral infection that can be acquired at any age after birth or before birth. When the Cytomegalovirus enters the Cytomegalovirusperson’s body, it may or may not result in the active disease. Once in the body, such virus can be dormant for many years, but becomes active and can result in the disease at any time.

Between 60 and 90% of adults have experienced Cytomegalovirus infection at one point of their lives; although, these people experience no symptoms. A severe infection usually happens only in individuals, who have impaired immune systems (for instance, patients with AIDS).

Cytomegalovirus infections before birth can result in stillbirth, miscarriage and may be fatal for newborns. Cytomegalovirus may be life-threatening, if extensive brain or liver damage, anemia, or bleeding, occurs. Many individuals, who get the Cytomegalovirus infection after birth and harbor such a virus, experience no symptoms. However, a healthy individual with the infection can have a fever and feel ill.

If an individual receives blood transfusion consisting of cytomegalovirus, symptoms can start two to four weeks later. Such symptoms include a fever that lasts for two to three weeks, and in some cases, hepatitis (liver inflammation), possibly with jaundice. The lymphocytes count can increase. Sometimes, a rash also develops. An individual with impaired immune system that carries the Cytomegalovirus is especially likely to progress a serious infection; the individual can be very ill and his life may become at risk.

Cytomegalovirus infection can progress slowly and not be noticed right away. A doctor makes a diagnosis, based on individual’s symptoms and impaired immune systems. Once the infection is suggested, tests are performed to detect viruses in the urine and in other body tissues or fluids. Mild form of Cytomegalovirus infection generally is not treated, and goes away by itself; but when such infection threatens an individual’s life or eyesight, an antiviral drug, such as Foscarnet or Ganciclovir, can be prescribed.

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