Cortical Necrosis

Cortical Necrosis is a rare type of dead kidney tissue, that affects all or some of the outer kidney part (called Cortex), but not the medulla (inner part).

Cortical Necrosis is caused by small artery obstruction to the outer part of the kidney (cortex), which may be resulted from many conditions. Cortical Necrosis may happen at any age.Cortical Necrosis Disease Approx. 10% of the cases, happen in children and infants. More than 50% of the newborns with Cortical Necrosis had delivery complicated by abrupt placenta detachment.

Among children, Cortical Necrosis may be caused by an infection, hemolytic-uremic syndrome, shock, and dehydration. About 1/3 of cortical necrosis casesare  caused by bacterial sepsis. In approx. 50% of females, Cortical Necrosis may be caused by pregnancy complications. Other causes may include poisoning, transplanted kidney rejection, snakebite, injury, pancreatitis or burns.

A doctor suggests Cortical Necrosis when production of urine decreases quickly. A fever is almost common. Low blood pressure or mild high blood pressure is common. The small urine amount that is produced, contains many red blood cells and protein along with casts and white blood cells. Specific enzyme’s levels are extremely high in the early disease stages.

Cortical Necrosis diagnosis may be determined by CT (computed tomography) or ultrasound scans. Arteriography or kidney biopsy may be performed, but it is not required in many cases. The x-ray may reveal calcium deposits, which is a sign of Cortical Necrosis.

Cortical Necrosis treatment is complicated, because the underlying conditions should be treated. For most people, lifelong dialysis or kidney transplant is the only solution.

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