Chronic Kidney Failure

Chronic Kidney Failure is a gradually developing decline of kidney function that leads to the metabolic waste product buildup in the person’s blood (azotemia).

Damage to a kidney by various diseases can lead to irreversible injury. In Chronic Kidney Failure, the symptoms develop slowly. At the beginning, an individual experiences no Chronic Kidney Failuresymptoms; defected kidney function may be detected only by laboratory analysis. An individual who has mild to moderate failure of kidneys can experience only mild symptoms, such as urinating few times during the night (called Nocturia) and volume of urine is larger.

In people with chronic kidney failure, blood pressure becomes higher, because the kidney may not eliminate water and salt excess. High blood pressure causes heart failure or stroke.

As chronic kidney failure progresses and toxic substances build up in the bloodstream, an individual can feel weary, become less mentally alert, and get tired easily. As the toxic substances buildup increases, the symptoms of muscle and nerve lead to such symptoms, as cramps, muscle weakness, and muscle twitches. An individual can also have sensations as pins-and-needle in the extremities and can lose sensation in specific parts. Seizures can also occur as a result.

Toxic substance buildup also affects the digestive tract, resulting in unpleasant mouthtaste, stomatitis, vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetite. Such symptom can lead to weight loss and malnutrition. Some individuals, who have Chronic Kidney Failure, experience extremely uncomfortable generalized itching.

Chronic Kidney Failure may be diagnosed by performing a blood test. Usually, the blood becomes moderately acidic (called acidosis). Metabolic waste substances, including Creatinine and Urea, build up in the blood.

Generally, an individual experiences moderate anemia. Urine tests can show various abnormalities, such as salt concentration and defected cells. If Chronic Kidney Failure is not treated, the condition may be fatal. Kidney transplantation and dialysis may keep the patient alive.

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