Calluses and Corns

A corn is thickened pea-sized keratin area that occurs on a person’s foot. Hard corn appears over the joints of the toes; and the corn between Calluses and Cornsthe person’s toes are commonly soft.

Corn may be painful because the thickened skin transfers pressure to the underlying bones. Calluses may appear anywhere on the person’s body, but mostly progress over bony spots on the elbows, feet, hands or other regions that take repeated abuse or wear. Usually, corns and calluses are easy to identify. In some cases, corn is confused with a wart, that also contains a thickening keratitis layer. However, corn is more sensitive to direct pressure inward or downward against the bones, while a wart is extremely sensitive when squeezed from the sides.

Calluses and corns are more difficult to treat than to prevent. Calluses can be prevented by removing irritation cause or if it is not possible, by wearing pads, gloves or other protective subjects. Many pharmacies sell suitable ring shapes and protective pads for such a purpose. Corns can go away by wearing better-fitting shoes, if the corn results from ill-fitting shoes.

Corns may be more quickly removed by using a keratin-dissolving drug. Such drugs usually contain salicylic acid, and called keratolytic agents. They can be applied as a pad consisting of medications placed on the area or as a paste that dries on contact.

However if the keratolytic agent is not carefully applied, the salicylic acid may damage surrounding healthy tissue. Calluses and corns may also be thinned by using a pumice stone at the bathing time or shaved with scalpel bu nurse or doctor. In individuals with poor circulation and diabetes, calluses and corns may heal slowly, particularly if they are located on the feet.  A doctor advises the person with diabetes to take special care of their feet.

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