Biphasic Mesothelioma

Biphasic Mesothelioma Cancer is different from Sarcomatoid and Epithelioid Mesotheliomas. Such type of Mesothelioma doesn’t have a specific cellular structure. Biphasic Mesothelioma

Biophasic Mesothelioma is a mixture of Sarcomatoid and Epithelioid Mesotheliomas cancers’ types. Fibrous or Sarcomatoid mesothelioma cells are oval or spindle-shaped. Epithelioid Mesothelioma cancer’s cells usually appear to be cube-shaped, but flattened and columnar cellular kinds may bee seen also in some cases. Because the patients with Biphasic Mesothelioma cancer have 2 absolutely different types of mesothelioma cancers related to their disease, it may be easier to detect such type of cancer, than either epithelioid or sarcomatoid ones (2 cellular kinds that may be confused with other different cancers).

Biphasic Mesothelioma usually produces a combination of Sarcomatoid and Epithelioid cancer’s cells as opposed to a mixture, which meaning that the 2 subtypes are present in different tumor’s areas. In this case, the doctor, specifically an oncologist suspects that Mesothelioma is Biphasic, because the patient has both Sarcomatoid and Epithelioid Mesothelioma’s cancers. When Sarcomatoid and Epithelioid cancer’s cells are separated from different areas of tumor, it may result in Mesothelioma’s subtypes misdiagnosis.        Examination of the tissue (histopatological tests of the tumor area) can reveal only Sarcomatoid or only Epithelioid cells. By obtaining various diseased tissues’ parts for testing, histopathologists are more likely to identify Biphasic Mesothelioma cancer. Mesotheliomas’ types misdiagnosis is not a case, because there are no difference in treatments between 3 of them (all 3 types-sarcomatoid, epithelioid and biphasic).

The treatment is available for all 3 types of mesotheliomas cancers –  Biphasic Mesothelioma, Epithelioid Mesothelioma and Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma. The treatments for all three types are the same. However, the prognosis of each case of Mesothelioma is different as its survival time. For patients with Biphasic Mesothelioma survival time means 6 months and lowest is 3 months.      Although, the Biphasic Mesothelioma cancer treatment’s methods are not different from Sarcomatoid or Epithelioid cancers, the average shorter post-diagnosis of Biphasic Mesothelioma’s survival time making radical or more experimental treatment a better option than standard one.    Biphasic Mesothelioma cases’ occurence increases over the years. It currently occurs in about 45-50% of all mesotheliomas cases.

If you suspect that you or your loved one has this form of rare mesothelioma, you should contact your local lawyer/attorney as soon as possible.

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