Bartter’s Syndrome

Bartter’s Syndrome is a medical disorder, where the kidney oversecretes electrolytes such as chloride, sodium, and potassium, causingBartter's SyndromeHypokalemia (low potassium levels in the blood) and high levels of hormones in the blood, such as Renin and Aldosterone.

Bartter’s Syndrome is commonly hereditary and is resulted from the recessive gene, thus a patient with such a disorder has inherited 2 recessive genes per this disorder, 1 from each parent. A child, who has Bartter’s Syndrome tends to grow slowly and appears malnourished. The child can be mentally retarded, can produce large urine amounts, and may have excessive thirst and muscle weakness. ¬†Additionally, the water and sodium chloride in blood becomes low.

The body tries to compensate by producing more Renin and Aldosterone; such hormones lowering potassium levels in the blood. A doctor suggests Bartter’s Syndrome depending on the patient’s symptoms. The laboratory test, showing abnormal hormones and potassium levels in the blood, helps lead to the diagnosis.

Various Bartter’s Syndrome consequences may be prevented by using supplements containing potassium by mouth and a medication that reduces potassium excretion into the urine including: Indomethacin, Propranolol, Amiloride, Triamterene, and Spironolactone (which also blocks the hormone – Aldosterone). Drinking plenty of fluids is essential to compensate for massive loss of fluids.

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