Acute Lymphangitis

Acute Lymphangitis is a medical condition, in which inflammation of 1 or more lymphatic vessels and is generally resulted from a streptococcal infection, occur. The lymphatic vessel is a small channel that is carrying lymph from tissues to lymph node and throughout the person’s body. Streptococci bacteria is commonly entering such vessels from an infection(usually cellulitis), wound, and scrape in the leg or arm.

Tender, red, warm, and irregular streaks are developing under the person’s skin in the damaged leg or arm. Usually, the streaks are stretching from the infected part toward a lymph nodes’ group, including those in armpit or groin. The lymph nodes are becoming tender and enlarged. The individual usually has headache, fever, irregular heartbeats, and chills. In some cases, such symptoms happen before the changes of skin appear. The infection is spreading from the lymph system into the blood and may result in infection throughout the person’s body, frequently with the startling speed. Ulcer can form in the person’s skin over the affected lymph vessels.

A blood test can reveal that the white blood cells number is higher to fight the infections. The organism, resulting in infection commonly can not be sampled and cultured until it has spread through the blood or may be obtained from open wound or pus. Most individuals with acute Lymphangitis are cured fast with antibiotics such as oxacillin, nafcillin, or dicloxacillin.

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