Calculate Your Calories Easily with an iPhone App

Most people these days worry about how many calories they consume in things such as chocolate cake, pizza, or french fries. The latest technology allows us to experience new ways of iPhone Calories APpcalculating calories, and the new iPhone application does just that.

After the person takes a picture of the meal, the iPhone app gives almost instantly the full breakdown of the product calories. The app, known as MealsSnap, was manufactured by DailyBurn, that created diet related iPhone and several other fitness applications. Within a few minutes of taking meal pictures and matching it to a database of about half million food items, the app sends to the user an alert with calories’ range for the food that is photographed.

Database may very quickly help identify the food, how many calories are there, vitamins, fats, proteins, and carbs. Whatever the person wishes to know, they get it – says CEO of DailyBurn, Andy Smith. People, who use this iPhone then may share on Four Square or Twitter leading to social accountability. The iPhone application makes it easy to track food calories. The pure tracking act something may result in psychological change that may help individuals on their fitness and health journey. Just logging makes the people more aware of what they eat.

In addition, MealSnap may serve as diary of the food, letting users keep a visual log of meals they eat. One only thing is, the person has to take pictures. Technology is great, isn’t it?

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