ViSalus Body By Vi Challenge Shape Kit Review

ViSalus Body By Vi Challenge Shape Kit {60 Meals, 10 Health Mix-Ins} Rating:
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Product Review & Description

The 60 meals/10 health mix-ins challenge shape kit from ViSalus Body By Vi is a wonderful meal replacement supplement that works to help get you and your body in shape. In this kit, there are 60 servings that are included (each serving provides a well balanced nutrition). These shakes can be taken twice per day and not only are they nutritious, but they taste great too.

Included in this kit are a variety of flavors as well as other additional health benefits. To make a meal with the ViSalus Body By Vi Kit, just take 2 scoops of the Vi-Shape mix and add it into low fat or fat free milk (you can use Soy as well).

Proceed by blending it all up, and that’s all there is to it. If you want to avoid using milk and want to go the protein shake way, you can go ahead and use regular water and mix it with that. To add some excitement into these meals, you may feel free to get creative by adding in your favorite fresh fruits or other healthy ingredients that you enjoy to give these shakes an extra twist.

The ViSalus Shape Kit is priced reasonably as well for the value that you’re getting. To get started, this kit has plenty of initial servings (when taken 2 times/day).

ViSalus Body By Vi Challenge Shape Kit Features:

-Meal replacement helps you get your body in shape

-Delicious flavors that come in a variety so that you never get bored

-Mix in your favorite fresh or frozen fruits to make the Visalus shakes even more exciting!

-Serving Size is 2 times daily

-Can be mixed with milk, soy or water (depending on your preference)

-Shipping Weight: 13 pounds total

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