Optifast Chocolate Shake Powder (84 Packets)

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Product Review & Description

OPTIFAST 800 Shake Powder is a ready to drink meal replacement which comes at just 160 calories per pack. This particular product is made from chocolate and holds 14 grams of protein, 20 grams of carbohydrates and many different minerals and vitamins.

An average person who chooses the Optifast diet, ends up losing an average of 52 pounds in just 20 weeks! The product is made by the company Nestle, therefore you are getting a great chocolate taste.

These Shake meals are very easy to mix and they actually taste good, so you can enjoy them. The Optifast 800 Shake Powder provides 100% daily value for as much as 24 vitamins/minerals in total in five servings. Customers like the Optifast program because it’s fairly easy and there is no need to think about buying and preparing food that you have to deal with. All of the key minerals as well as vitamins are inside each packet so you are getting a delicious meal replacement.

You can make your shakes in any way you prefer. Some people like to combine the Optifast powder together with ice and water to make a refreshing drink. There are other different ways to approach this to make sure you don’t get bored.

Since this product comes with a total of 84 packets, it makes it easy to keep the shake powders in multiple locations – such as your home, your workplace and your car. Discuss this product with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to use first.

Optifast Chocolate Shake Features:

-Delicious chocolate flavor from Nestle

-12 Cartons in total (84 packets – each carton contains 7 packets)

-Just 160 calories per packet

-Total of 24 key vitamins and nutrients in every powder mix (100% daily value)

-Helps you lose weight FAST!

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