Pampers Baby Dry Disposable Diapers Review

Pampers Baby Dry Size 4 Diapers Economy Pack Plus 192 Count Rating:
List Price: $52.66
Sale Price: $42.00
(as of 02/22/2012 21:49 UTC - Details)

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Product Review & Description

The Dry Diapers from Pampers come in various sizes and in all kinds of quantities. This particular package is a wonderful deal and offers 192 diapers in the entire set. Pampers provides a comfortable and flexible fit and comes with three layers for absorption (compared to two layers you will typically find across other competing brands). Each diaper has your favorite Sesame Street character and features total protection against leakage. When you purchase from Amazon, you can take advantage of extra savings on this product through their coupons. Additionally, 465-day returns are always granted on all baby items. Not only are these diapers thin, but they make for easy packaging if you want to use your diaper bag. They are easy to unfold and durable and definitely don’t leave any type of residue on a baby. The front of the diaper offers wider protection. Overall, a great product for a great price.

Pampers Dry Diapers (192 Pack)

Pampers Baby Diapers Feature:

-3 Layers of Absorbency

-192 Diaper Count (included in packaging)

-Very comfortable fit for your baby and offers superior flexibility

-12 Hours of Overnight Protection

-Your child will love the Sesame Street characters on each and every single diaper!

-Superior absorption and protection against leaks

-Certified Frustration-Free Shipping (recyclable packaging, free of clamshells)

-365 Day Return Policy if you are unsatisfied with your purchase

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