Nukepills Family Radiation Emergency Kit

What is the Nukepills Family Radiation Emergency Kit?

Nukepills Potassium Iodine Emergency Kit

It includes:

-An Iosat that will protect your children from four to sixteen weeks or an adult for two weeks.

ThyroShield, which will protect children from four to sixteen weeks or adults for two weeks.

Iodowash, which is gentle for use and decontaminates radioactive iodine from all body surfaces. Iodowash decontaminates  by chemically binding the halogen that is radioactive, to a small resin sphere (o.6 to 1.2mm) which may be easily  wiped up. Usually, one time of use can remove almost 100% of the contamination.

Decontamination Rad Wipes with bright-orange plastic backing and white absorbent side prevents decontamination fluid leackage to hands, countertops, and gloves. Super absorbent holds up to twelve times its weight.

The Red Waste Bag insures safe handling, gloves, and clothing and wipes disposal. Bag imprinted with specific yellow color radiation symbol. Wrap tie included.

Radiowash Towelettes are packaged individually and remove radiation from small objects and hands. Radiowash Towelettes, Iosat, Iodowash, Rad Wipes, Red Waste Bags, and ThyroShield may be purchased also separately.

Visit to learn more information about the Potassium Iodine Emergency Kit.

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